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Innovative is an IBSA vendor.  Our service is for IBSA affiliates. We will print and mail your clients statements for you.  Medical, SAP, and any other software. Whether you are dealing with a Novation member or a current client, we can help you secure the outsource statement business.

As a forms distributor, you may be asking, "How do I sell outsourced billing services? Outsourced billing also called "statement rendering", and "electronic statements", can be presented to your clients in the same way you use to present a data mailer as an alternative to printing statements on continuous or cut sheets.  Your client has certain expenses which go hand and foot with the printing and mailing of their statements. (See Price/Cost table to the left)

Instead of your client loading their printer, printing the statement, folding the statement, matching the statement with the envelopes, inserting the statement in an envelope, sealing the envelope, metering and mailing the envelope, they can simply transmit the data file to us, and they are DONE!

Any of your current clients can be a prospect for outsourced billing, if they currently send over 1,000 bills at one time during the month.  The medical community has outsourced statements for many years.  If you currently sell statements to your client, you may be able to increase your profit and secure the client by offering outsourced billing services.

Current Cost your Client is already paying:

Statement Form
Statement Outgoing Envelope
Statement Return Envelope
Employee time to print & mail
Full First Class Postage $.39
Cost to Print through the printer


$50m or   $.05
$45m or   $.045
$50m or   $.05
$70m or   $.07
$390m or $.39
$30m or   $.03
Total        $.815

In almost every cost comparison example, your client will save money and time by outsourcing their statements with you.
How will my client get their statement information to Innovative, so you can print and mail for them?
Your client can send their data via email, FTP Site, dial into our computer, or mail a disk with their data on it.
How do they create the data in their computer to send it to Innovative?
Almost all accounting software programs allow a statement or report to be created as a print file.  Instead of telling the statements to print to the printer, which in the past printed on the form, they will select the "print to file" option.  This will create a data file with all the patients statement information. The file will  reside somewhere on their computer.  They can then send the statement file to us so it can be processed and mailed.
What if my client is already using someone else to print and mail their bills?
If your customer is already outsourcing their bills, then obviously they don't have to be sold on the concept.  If they are already creating a print file and sending it somewhere else, then you need to ask them if they are completely happy or would they be willing to let you have the business if you are competitive.  We will work with you and your customer to ensure you get the business and that they are comfortable in allowing us to perform this important task.

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